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    Liquor brands

  • Findlater's Finest Scotch Whisky

  • Antiquity Rare Premium Whisky

  • Royal Challenge Whisky

  • Director's Special Black Whisky

  • Mohgul Monarch Deluxe Whisky

  • Director's Special Whisky

  • Old Tavern Whisky

  • White Mischief vodka

  • Vladivar Classic Vodka

  • Veba vodka

  • White Mischief Paradise Gin

  • India's Pride XXX Rum

  • Golconda Brandy

  • John Exshaw Brandy
  • VSOP Exshaw Brandy

  • French vsop Brandy

    Wine brands

  • Golconda Ruby Wine

  • Golden Mist Wine

  • Papillion Wine


    Shaw Wallace and Co, while constantly creating and unveiling new brands to tap fresh markets, is also aware of the importance of maintaining the impeccable quality and equity building of its existent brands.

    Shaw Wallace and Company Limited is perhaps one of the few members of the alcohol and beverages industry in India which reports a sale of 11 liquor bottles every second. While the organization is safely entrenched as one of the liquor giants of the country and by far one of the most promising players in the international arena, Shaw Wallace continues to speak the language of change and development in keeping with changing tastes and trends.

    With a view to keep up with the demands of the consumer, Shaw Wallace has re-launched many of its old products like Antiquity, Royal Challenge, Director's Special (DSP), DSP Black, and Old Tavern Whisky sprucing them up with revolutionary new packaging. White Mischief vodka and London Lime gin have also undergone a revamp and a re-launch.

    From the international portfolio, Shaw Wallace, in association with Kyndal, unveiled a plethora of new products being introduced for the first time in India. The range includes Findlaters, one of Scotland's most well-known Scotch brands, Vladivar vodka, Veba, UK's fastest growing ready to drink low strength alcohol beverage and Papillon. A range of Shaw Wallace Bottled in Origin French Wines including red, white and sparkling wines and Golden Mist, a range of red and port wines have also been introduced to cater to the the budget conscious Indian consumer.